LEGOLAND California Tickets

Purchasing your LEGOLAND California tickets ahead of time saves you from waiting in line once you get there. You can buy your LEGOLAND tickets individually, but you might save money by purchasing a Go San Diego card instead. Go San Diego cards give you free admission to LEGOLAND and other San Diego attractions for a consecutive number of days. Prices for the card range depending on how many days you select.

Where LEGOLAND California is located

LEGOLAND is located in Carlsbad, about 35 miles north of central San Diego and 90 miles southeast of central Los Angeles. To get to the park, exit Interstate 5 at Cannon Road East and follow the signs. Don't forget to bring money for parking. Motorcycles pay $5, while RVs and campers have to pay $11. Cars can pay $10 for a regular spot or $20 for a spot in the preferred lot.

What you need to know about visiting LEGOLAND

* The park is only open everyday during the summer months and school break periods (i.e., winter break and spring break). At other times, particularly in September and October, LEGOLAND is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

* Bring a swimsuit, towel and change of clothes so you can splash around in the water attractions of Pirate Shores. The park requires all kids under age 4 to wear swim diapers.

* LEGOLAND is a non-smoking venue. If you need a smoke, you have to step outside the gates temporarily.

* As with other theme parks, LEGOLAND does not allow you to bring in outside food.

* You can't bring your pets inside the park, but you can stash little precious in one of LEGOLAND's shaded kennels near the park entrance. The kennels are free of charge and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You are responsible for bringing the pet's food and water.

What you will find in LEGOLAND California

Somebody once decided that amusement and theme parks should be organized into various themed lands, and LEGOLAND follows this format as well. The park contains eight separate areas: The Beginning, Castle Hill, Dino Island, EXPLORE Village, Fun Town, Imagination Zone, Miniland USA and Pirate Shores. Here's a quick overview of each:

The Beginning. The Beginning is your first stop when you enter LEGOLAND. There are no rides here, but a giant LEGO retail store and a very impressive LEGO dinosaur set the tone for the rest of your day.

Dino Island. If you walk into The Beginning and turn left, Dino Island is the next area to explore. Dino Island contains a small coaster (Coastersaurus) and an interactive activity called Dig Those Dinos. Here, imagination and a whole bunch of sand help kids play paleontologist. Coastersaurus winds mildly around a life-sized prehistoric display built of LEGO bricks.

EXPLORE Village. Once your kids are tapped out on dinosaurs, continue walking counterclockwise from the entrance and you'll reach EXPLORE Village. Attractions in EXPLORE Village include LEGO-built Jeep ride through a LEGO jungle (Safari Trek), a relaxing boat trip through LEGO-built fantasy settings (Fairy Tale Brook), an interactive water play area (Water Works), a cool playground area (DUPLO Playtown) and a youngster's train ride (LEGOLAND Express).

Fun Town. If you continue a counter-clockwise tour through the park, you'll reach Fun Town next. Fun Town has several rides/attractions geared towards making kids feel grown up: Your curious little ones will be ready to hit the road at the Volvo Driving School. They can also try their skills at boating (Skipper School), piloting (Flight Squadron), and fire fighting (Fun Town Fire Academy).

Pirate Shores
. Your next stop, Pirate Shores, is basically a water park that's just the right size for the little ones. Kids can man their own pirate ships and take aim at other park visitors with water cannons. This area also contains a pirate ship ride that rocks back and forth, a kid-sized log ride and a water playground called Soak-N-Sail.

Castle Hill. The Castle Hill area is themed around the medieval era, when knights and lords protected their damsels from ferocious dragons and other evil-doers. Rides in Castle Hill include the Dragon roller coaster, the twisting Knights' Tournament and the Royal Joust, where kids get to ride a LEGO-built horse. There is also The Hideaways, a play area featuring rope ladders, wooden bridges and an enchanted garden.

Imagination Zone. Imagination Zone is a little more action-packed than other areas of LEGOLAND. Rides include LEGO TECHNIC Test Track (a twisty, moderately paced coaster), AQUAZONE wave racers (a water ride that provides a jet-ski-like experience for kids) and the BIONICLE Blaster (a different take on the tea cups).

Miniland USA. If you've walked counterclockwise all the way around LEGOLAND, Miniland USA is the last stop before reaching The Beginning again. Miniland USA may be the most famous part of the park, where U.S. landmarks are rebuilt entirely out of LEGO bricks. Explore New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco and more--all LEGO style!

Other LEGOLAND Attractions

Show venues, shops and restaurants are scattered throughout the park. Shows range from kid-oriented comedy to 4-D movies in the Imagination Zone. Retail shops feature park souvenirs and LEGO merchandise.